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Our client is a European trading company. For this client, Talent Fishers is looking for a China Quality Manager.

Job location: Shanghai, P.R. China
Reporting line:
- The Quality Manager must meet permanently with the Office Manager
- The Quality Manager reports directly to Office Manager on daily basis,
- The Quality Manager reports directly to the International Quality Coordinator as soon as needed.
The Quality Manager reports to International Quality Coordinator through monthly periodic reports (Audit situation, claims, BSCI program review of activities…)

- Manage the company’s Shanghai Quality team (QS) in order to:
o Follow up of all Quality matters for each related categories
o Get reliability of suppliers (technical and Social- CSR policy).
o Make sure all orders and shipments comply with all European and French standards as well as the French Head office requirements
- Applying the Quality methods and procedures provided by the Group (GM)
- Technical support for French Quality Coordinator (FQC)
- Contribute to solve any quality claim when it appears

Job description

- Trainee for Factory Audits based on the Group Quality commitment
- Follow up the productions summery (summarize QS reporting)
- Get insurance the Technical specifications provided by the FQM to QS are fulfilled (Norm list definition)
- Help QS to manage product inspection:
o Inspection company quotation
o testing and control plan required are applied by the factories
o Update all information related to laboratories and inspection companies
- Advise and inform all related department in Asia or in France by reporting
- Management of the Chinese quality:
o Recruitment,
o Training,
o Evaluation,
o Control of the activity ...
- Implement tools and indicators to assess suppliers' quality and service capacity. (History, level system quality, respect of schedule application...)
- Make proposals for improvement in the import process
- Give help for approval of the products, development of packaging translation, production control, boarding ...
- Follow-up the company’s CSR policy by the BSCI programme

- Apply any existing tools and means to ship on time according to purchase order ETD
- Provide explicit information to let French Head office make the final and right decision
- Evaluation of performance will be carried out following the objectives evaluation documents provided by company Quality Department and updated every year.
- Annual appraisal will be carried out by Office Manager together with International Quality Coordinator
- Train QS and help them well understand all French technical requests, brands, labels, quality and workmanship requested.
- Manage the GM social audit program (CSR Policy) through the BSCI platform for it area.

Job Requirements

- To be aware about French and European regulation for global family of products exported to France:
o Small electrical appliance
o Toys (summer and Xmas)
o Household
o Baby care and shoes
o Home linen
o Textile (garment, underwear, swim wear, sock etc: just for audit training, centralizing the reporting of quality supervisors to the quality coordinator of the head office when it is necessary)
o Miscellaneous (stationary…)
- To be aware about testing and inspection with at last 3 years experiences on Non Food product,
- To be able to travel independently with frequency (China & Abroad countries).
- To be very good communicant:
o English: speak, read, write fluently
o Be with team cooperate spirit and strong communication.
- Motivation dynamism and autonomy on work are necessary and strength.

Suitable candidates will be contacted within one month upon application.

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