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Our client is a European company focus on digital screen to order food in the restaurants. For this client,Talent Fishers is looking for a Forecasting & Planning Manager.

Job location: Shanghai, P.R. China
Report to: Factory Manager
Scope: As a Forecasting & Planning Manager, employee will be in charge of Forecast management and Planning matters for the company. He or she will drive and optimize planning to ensure the availability of all products manufactured on its perimeter in order to serve customers as quickly as possible and at a lower cost. All Production Orders will be created, updated and closed by him/her. Forecasts will be managed in a process of continuous improvement and anticipation.

Job Description
Forecast management:
Participate to monthly Demand & Supply Review Meeting.
Being main interlocutor within supply chain to customers to provide them quick answers on their product manufacturing: deadlines, risks, priorities.
Identify and treat discrepancies between backlog and forecasts.
Keep updated related data on company ERP.
Monitor a dashboard to follow up the performance of inventory / KPI on service
Planning management:
Receive overseas orders from customers or subsidiaries.
Create, keep updated and close all Production Orders.
Drive Production meeting to ensure that all products are produced in a timely manner.
Ensure monitoring of Production Plan, identify gaps and define action plans when needed.
Build delivery planning with manufacturing and purchasing team.
Guarantee products availability face to customer forecasts and safety stock required.
Ensure daily adequacy between work load and instantaneous capacity of production.
Confirm order delivery schedule to customers or subsidiaries through acknowledgment after contract review with manufacturing team.
Follow up order progression, find solutions in case of delays.
Monitor a dashboard to follow up the performance of delivery / KPI on service
Anticipate unforeseen situations and quickly make corrective decisions
Ensure flow of information between supply chain and production (references changes, planning ...)
Translation of documents Chinese to English and reverse when needed
Tasks may be added to above list according to company evolution and project development

Job Requirements
At least 5 years working experience in Production Management and/or Supply Chain management.
Knowledge of production management principles (MRP, Kanban, ...), implementation and monitoring of indicators (volume, productivity, OEE, ...)
Proficient user of MS Office and ERP system
Good level in English and mandarin (most of the interactions will be in English)
Excellent work team spirit, good communication with others.
Analytical mind and problem solving

Suitable candidates will be contacted within one month upon application.

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