Senior Program Officer, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and He

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Reports to:
Grok Relationship Coordinator

Beijing or Shanghai

Job Profile
The Senior Program Officer is dedicated to working with a specific international education institution, assisting the institution in this case Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) with a complex agenda of activities. A complex agenda may span recruitment, partnership, sophisticated profile building, and/or inbound programs, etc. Position involves frequent, sophisticated interaction with international customers. Significant travel required (40%).

The Most Suitable Background
Past Work: Education
Experience: Five or more years' experience in increasingly responsible roles related to education or international education.
Experience in student recruitment to a US institution (ideally through relationships with high schools around China).
Knowledgeable about health sciences industry (ideally knowledge about the America AND Chinese health sciences and pharmacy industry).
Previous experience in working in the pharmacy or health sciences industry, OR who has significant experience already doing student recruitment for university programs in the health sciences or pharmacy.
Ability to manage a market for an exclusive private university devoted to health sciences and pharmacy
Experience representing a known institution a plus.
Bachelor's degree with good to strong academic performance. Master's preferred. Strong English fluency. Proficient in business writing. Able to discuss strategy and analysis with English speakers.

Life Experience
ï‚· Study or experience abroad strongly preferred.
ï‚· Voluntary or other life experience that demonstrates creativity, hard work, persistence or drive to succeed.

The Most Important Traits to Succeed
ï‚· Strong Communication Skills and able to influence others
ï‚· Strong Strategic Skills & evaluate issues and make tactical recommendations
ï‚· Good judgment, internal moral compass
ï‚· Able to multi - task and manage a balance agenda
ï‚· Strong customer sensitivity
ï‚· Attention to detail
ï‚· Intelligence, creative problem solving skills
ï‚· Emotional maturity confidence
ï‚· Ambitious and driven to results
ï‚· Initiative and resourceful
ï‚· Hardworking and persistent

What is Cool About This Job
ï‚· As a senior program officer, you will build a strong personal connection to the people at MCPHS and to the institution itself. You will contribute directly to the evolution of the institution and its international strategy. The
work you do will impact the educational opportunities available to both students in MCPHS as well as in China. You will be given the opportunity to develop your skills: strategic analysis and strategy development; communicate at a high level with customers; manage a complex agenda; craft realistic and successful business models to support academic partnership. You will also have the chance to travel to visit the MCPHS campus. You will be part of the Grok Family, where you'll have access to great supervision, professional development, career growth, and a fun and caring work environment. Grok is dedicated to doing excellent work for our customers and it's exciting to be part of our growing team.

What is Hard About This Job
ï‚· With greater control, comes greater responsibility and this can result in pressure. Most education institutions, the world over, have complex governance, which means that they are not able to change rapidly: you may know how MCPHS can improve their outcomes in China, but it might take months or years for them to be able to address your feedback, and that can lead to frustration. Stress management is important. The job sometimes requires significant travel within China, which can be great, but it can also sometimes be tiring.

Detailed Responsibilities
As assigned by the Supervisor in conjunction with MCPHS, but may include:
ï‚· Recruit undergraduate and graduate students
ï‚· Work primarily with high schools and universities around China
ï‚· Work closely with the university to analyze market feedback, define
recruitment strategy, and determine tactical plans
ï‚· Develop knowledge of the MCPHS context, such that your recommendations
are realistic in light of local conditions within the institution.
ï‚· Becomes deeply knowledgeable about the US education market.
ï‚· Keeps abreast with market developments
ï‚· Evaluates MCPHS' programs, attributes and activities in China, with recommendations for improvement that are sophisticated, realistic, well informed by market norms and that address MCPHS priorities.
ï‚· Represents MCPHS in a way that reflects the mission and values of the institution, and is ethical.
ï‚· Manage a very extensive network of education agents to a very high level of complexity and performance.
o selecting professional agencies and high schools and managing contract
o providing training to new agents and high school counselors,
o liaising with existing agents and high schools on a regular basis,
o attending agent and highschool fairs
ï‚· Assists (potential) applicants and their families
ï‚· Conducts presentations at high schools, colleges, fairs, conferences and other
venues about MCPHS.
ï‚· Assist with the MCPHS's messaging within the market giving input to Grok's
social media team in promoting MCPHS to a very high standard
ï‚· Initiates and assists in the development of promotional materials for the
Chinese market. Translation of documents will be required. Writes newsletters,
correspondence and other materials as required.
ï‚· Participates in social media, building profile via appropriate social media
channels as directed.
ï‚· Assist MCPHS with the identification, screening, selection and recruitment of
Chinese academic institutions for academic partnership
ï‚· Assist MCPHS with the management of academic and other partnerships in
ï‚· Assist MCPHS with the design, implementation and management of inbound
and extra-Curricular programs in China
ï‚· Have the capability to interact with and support faculty and other senior
leadership at MCPHS.
ï‚· Prepare monthly or quarterly customer report on activities using photos,
specific accomplishments, highlighting opportunities and challenges.
ï‚· With oversight from Manager, develop MCPHS budget. Track expenses for the
program office.

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