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Our client is a European company specialized in display items for the luxury industry. For this client, Talent Fishers is looking for a Project Department Manager, to follow inquiries and to insure a healthy development.

Job location: Dongguan, Shatian
Reporting to: Operation Manager

Job description

1.    Being in charge of the project team
2.    Implement and lead project KPI
3.    Confirm commercial offer
4.    Follow budget for each project

Mission 1: Being in charge of the project team
He/She will have to manage the project team in order to:
-    allocate adequate resources to each project
-    ensure deliverables of each project are done on time
-    report project progress to management
-    create and lead master project schedule
-    create and lead visual project management (dedicated war room)
Create all necessaries procedure to run smooth project execution.

Mission 2: Implement and lead project KPI
He/She will have to implement and lead project KPI. the KPI are monthly updated. As of now 4 KPI’s to be created:
-    OTD Quotation & Bidding
-    OTD Prototype
-    OTD BAT/  First Off delivery
-    OTD Production

Mission 3: Confirm commercial offer

Commercial offer are done by Project Manager, He/She will be responsible of verifying and approve them. Ensure all requested documents are ready and well done before sending to sales department.

Mission 4: Follow budget for each project
A purchase budget will be defined at the beginning of each project based on quotation made. He/She will need to follow-up expanses on project, record them and report figures during project.
In case of budget overspending, he/she will need to take decision to derogate and keep going or reporting to management for mutual decision.

Job Requirements    

Strong technical expertise in the luxury industry, sourcing and vendor management.
Strong in project management and leadership skills
Good decision making- Team spirit.

•    Mini 7 years’ experience 
•    Fluent in English is a must, fluent in French & Mandarin would be a plus
•    Display industry would be appreciated 
•    Very good communication skills 

 Suitable candidates will be contacted within one month upon application.

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