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Our client is an architecture design studio, headquartered in Shanghai, and which design and manage a substantial number of architecture projects around China and South East Asia.

For this client, Talent Fishers is looking for a Studio Manager to be based in Shanghai, P.R. China.

Scope:  With a focus on operations and business development on daily basis, and lead the business development team from the perspective of the company's ambitions and strategies while knowing the technical parts for architectures in order to meet clients expectations and install trust.

Location:  Shanghai, P.R. China

Job Description

Design related
-    Understand the DP's design strategy and philosophies and help bring them to life with intelligent and relevant addition of your own resulting excellent designs that both answer the needs of the clients and advocate the company design approach.
-     Immerse into the company design culture and helping the DPs to enrich it by bringing your own vision, your own experience and your passion into it. The DP as well as the designers feel the impact of your involvement both design wise and standard wise.
-    You are very hands on inside the studio, leading the PM’s and the PA’s to organize the projects, guide our clients and reach globally outstanding design products.
-    Throughout the design process ie from concept to handover, acting as an advisor and coordinator to help bridge and manage communication between clients and designer therefore avoiding unnecessary changes. You should do so by pre-empting problems with empathy and a positive client servicing attitude.

-    Leadership ability to plan with foresight and empathy that allows efficient allocation of manpower and internal/external resources ensuring sound time cost control and quality deliverables.
-    Work efficiently, as the leader, with the Project Managers and Business Manager to always align internal understanding and enable effective communication with the clients.  Demonstration of business acumen in terms of facilitating (BM/MP) the process of contract negotiation, deliverable discussion and dispute/conflict resolution.
-    Guide and inspire the designers within the framework of the company to improve on details, overall design narrative and overall contextual understanding of design. In short to make them better designers.
-    Connect, cultivate and retain team members to make them want to work harder, be better and be energized. You do so by leading by examples, dispensing knowledge and harnessing their respect.

-    You are strategic, and work towards a long term plan to make the studio.
-    You are aware of the financial situation in the office and work proactively to make the office sustainable and healthy.
-    You believe in the power of internal organization, and always push for better ways of doing this, and co-lead the team by example.
-   Make critical path decisions to ensure the overall success of the project, including being on time, on budget, and delivering an exceptional level of design quality.

Job Requirements
?    15+  years' experience and current similar position
?    Bachelor's degree in Architecture, Interior Design and Master's degree will be preferred
?    Excellent design, team & project management
?    Excellent organizational skills
?    Be able to lead a multidisciplinary team
?    Good writing and oral communication skills in English and Mandarin

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