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Our client is an international industrial food group with a worldwide presence and strong global market reputation.
For our client, Talent Fishers is looking for a Technical Director.

Our client has an existing plant in Beijing already, but is also establishing a new one in another province to respond to the growing demand from the Chinese market.

The Technical Director will be mainly responsible for 2 parts:
-    About Technical role
Detect and prevent processing problems; Identify and manage process improvements relating product quality cost, cycle time and manufacturing line efficiencies. Sustain and improve existing processes as well as develop processes for new products.
-    About Construction role
Responsible for general management regarding to construction, included but no limited to planning, supervising the construction and installation of civil engineering work.

Job location:    Beijing
Reporting to:    China General Manager (European based in Beijing)

Job Description
Technical and Engineering roles:
1.    Study the technical feasibility for new product development in collaboration with R&D and marketing.
2.    Share the company know – how with the technical department in China and with the local team.
3.    Be the link between the HQ in France and the local team for all the technical aspect.
4.    Work with the factory’s directors on production improvement and efficiency.
5.    Responsible for new packaging development.
6.    Define the industrial strategy for production capacity development to meet strategy of the company.
7.    In charge of the technical survey for new product development, new equipment, new packaging.
8.    Support local production team on technical issue.

Construction roles:
1.    In charge of new construction project and building renovation and improvement project.
2.    In charge of the new production line and new utilities equipment project.
3.    In charge of the industrial budget construction and the management of it.
4.    Work closely with several experts of France HQ.
5.    Define and manage planning and budget of project.
6.    Lead and animate the technical team on several operation site.

Job Requirements
?    Bachelor degree or above, major in technical/civil or engineering, native French and fluent in English and Mandarin.
?    More than 7 years construction/Engineering management experiences, more than two years working experience in the same position, food or beverage background is preferred.
?    Good organizational skills and team management skills.
?    Good computer skill, MS suite, CAD, etc…
?    Strong sense of time management.
?    Active listening and communication skills.
?    Ability to think creatively.
?    Problem-solving skills.
?    Coordination and teamwork skills.

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