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Our client is a French company, specialized, for nearly 50 years, in industrial refrigeration system and air treatment, mainly for agri-food. Talent Fishers is looking for a Refrigeration Engineer for our client. 

Job location:     Shanghai, China
Reporting to:     Branch manager 
Main missions: 
- You manage the troubleshooting, preventive and curative maintenance of the clients’ facilities
- You manage small projects in air treatment and industrial refrigeration system
- You supervise on-site installation and finally ensure the commissioning of the facilities in industrial air treatment and industrial refrigeration system

Job Description

1. Carry out the troubleshooting, preventive and curative maintenance of refrigeration and air treatment installations on the customers’ sites (initially accompanied, if necessary, by the project manager or your manager) or you subcontract to technicians you supervise
2. Ensure maintenance in order to respect the signed contracts and traceability of the actions carried out
3. Support for troubleshooting in signed contracts, warranty deals, and off-contract customers
4. Handle control operations, verification, repair, extension, renovation, mechanical overhaul, replacement, standard exchange on refrigeration equipment, air conditioning and other industrial processes of our customers
5. Ensure the cost-effectiveness of the interventions and participating in the follow-up and complete completion of the mission
6. Propose improvements to our customers
7. Write a specific report at the end of each intervention and interact regularly with your manager to ensure information sharing and good communication

1. Supervise the installation, on the customer sites, of equipment sold by the company (following drawings, principal drawings and electrical diagrams provided by the design office).
2. Manage subcontractor teams so that deadlines are met
3. Ensure the progress meetings between the different stakeholders and the client on site
4. List the missing materials to get them to be supplied quickly
5. Ensure the proper organization of the site, compliance with safety rules and compliance with the company's plans
6. Regularly report to your supervisor or project manager for the progress of the site and any question or doubts you may have in order to make a quick decision if necessary
7. Conduct the necessary on-site surveys to update the plans "as built"
8. Maintain the company’s good image with its customers by checking that the work is done according to the rules of the art and in accordance with the recommendations of the company

1. Make sure when you arrive on site that the facility is in line with what has been sold
2. Conduct the usual tests to prepare the commissioning (pressure, vacuum draw, refrigerant load, cable match test, electrical testing, regulator settings, automatons and dimmers, airflow measurement, performance controls...)
3. Ensure the commissioning of new installations and remodeling of industrial air and cold treatment (CO2, NH3, freon) by soaking up the company products and solutions as you go
4. Provide a detailed commissioning report by listing all the checked points and settings
5. Ensure the necessary corrections during commissioning, to provide the customer with a perfectly functioning installation, and a neat finish
6. Be able to connect to the automaton to read the program, control the values and possibly make small changes
7. Conduct the necessary on-site surveys to update the plans "as built"

Job Requirements    

- Good command of English
- More than 8 years of experience on industrial cold and air treatment
Good understanding in Industrial Cold – know how a refrigeration system works, NH3 handling, CO2 and freon
- Understanding and analyzing a pattern of principle in industrial cold or air treatment
- Electricity Knowledge, able to analyze an electrical scheme to propose modifications to optimize the operation
- Good knowledge in air conditioning (intervention on CTAs, refrigeration, sheaths..., flow adjustment, pressure sensor control, filter installation, operating controls, filter installation, operating controls, …)
- Knowing how glycol water pumps work and how to list the equipment needed for a variety of pumps or refrigerators
- Knowing how to change a filter
- Knowing how to balance flows using adjustment valves
- Knowing the rules of the art in terms of fitting pipes, pumps, valve stations
- Knowing how to size sheaths, knowing different types of sheaths and techniques for implementing
- Be able to consult the technical documentation of a file in order to find the one that will be useful to prepare a troubleshooting or provide technical support to a client by phone
- Skills in Autocad, Word, Excel
- Programming knowledge for PLC Siemens

Information and Application    

If you are interested in and qualified for this position, apply online on, candidates/jobs page and post your resume on the “Refrigeration Engineer” job offer.

Suitable candidates will be contacted within one month upon application.

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