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Our client is a European company, specialized in ropeways, snowmaking, outdoor leisure activities, safety, ski area, and urban mobility.

For this client, Talent Fishers is looking for a Technical Guidance for 1 SkyWalk and 3 rope courses.

Location: Guangzhou

You are a westerner people living in Asia or an Asian with experience in western countries. 
Become the keystone of one of the extraordinary rope course projects in the world!


 During the site: 
• You work as a Rope Access worker to understand how the rope course are built to be able to do and to train the operation team for the maintenance. 

 During Operation: 
You will have 2 months to create an autonomous and responsible team of 6 to 12 people and to identify the future leaders. 
• Operation management 
• Training to operate the RP & SW (how to organize the flow, what to do before opening/ closing, how to rescue, how to make daily check-in, how to make weekly and monthly checking, PPE register. 
• Training how to make small maintenance on the activity 

Job requirements

• Lead teams of Chinese operators. 
• PPE inspection 
• Knowledge in Rope course. 
• Technical English. 
• Report on site issue and progress in English (or French). 
• Good resistance to stress and vertigo. 
• Rope access IRATA would be better but not essential. 
• Train the instructor to get this knowledge/ skill: o Providing the information required to ensure that the equipment and elements are used correctly. 
o Checking that participants use the right equipment. 
o Assessing a participant’s self-sufficiency on a test ropes course. 
o Providing appropriate level of supervision. 
o Ensuring that the safety instructions are complied with. 
o Alerting a rescuer if required. 
o Providing assistance to participants. 
o Undertaking routine visual inspections. 

• Set-up and training the operation manager to the operation documentation: o Logbook containing the daily operation sheets. 
o Accident report sheets. 
o PPE inspection register and operation log. 
o Risk assessment and management plan which shall be drawn up by the ropes course operator. 
o Instructor and rescue training documents which demonstrate instructor competence in their role. 
o Participant safety instructions. 
o Manufacturer’s product manual (write by the company). 
o Safety and emergency plan. 
o Current tree assessment report (if relevant). 
o Current inspection report carried out by an inspection body. 
o Safety instructions. 

Suitable candidates will be contacted within one month upon application.

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