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Our client is a French company, specialized, for nearly 50 years, in industrial refrigeration system and air treatment, mainly for agri-food. Talent Fishers is looking for a Project design engineer for our client. 

Job location:     Shanghai, China
Reporting to:     Subsidiary manager 
Main missions: 
-    Technical support for presales / basic design:

You support the sales manager for customer technical visits, factory audit and technical meetings to well understand customer needs.
You prepare some Powerpoint supports to explain more about our technologies on different applications according to customer’s request.
You work on the study of projects to provide a basic design with the most adapted solutions according to customer requirements and the company’s experience. 
You are able to provide a draft principle drawing and layout of this design.
You share with our different French experts your technical approach about projects and ask for their support on some specific application you do not master.
You participate to technical meetings with customers to optimize proposed solution and adjust your design according to information caught during these meetings.

-    Project costing:

You prepare the technical requirements of main equipment project needs to be able to ask for quotation to suppliers.
You build up the costing including all main equipment, accessories, installation, commissioning… with the support of the purchasing manager for equipment cost price and of French technical teams.
You discuss with the sales manager and your manager to define the right selling price.
You prepare the technical description of solution quoted in Word or Powerpoint version to send to the customer.
You participate to the preparation of all technical documents to be provided in a bidding, cooperating with the administrative manager.

-    Project management support:

After winning a project, you forward and explain to the project manager all information and document used during the design and explain all details about the project and your technical approach.
According to the complexity of the project and workload of everyone, you can work on the final design (detailed principle drawings, layout, optimization of main equipment selection…) to support the project manager.
You have regular discussions with the project manager to follow-up the system implementation, understand potential deviations compare to your design and have his feedback about budget of main equipment to be able to adjust your next pricing.

Job Description

Your position and responsibilities will evolve with the rise of project quantity and size.
You will be trained on company products, solutions, and corporate culture cooperating with our French experts to be more and more autonomous on presales design and technical sizing.
The company is going to grow faster and faster in the next few years. You will be involved in this growth participating on the structuration of studies office.

Job Requirements    

English :  read, spoken, written
More than 10 years of experience in industrial refrigeration and process air treatment in food indusutries.
Some essential knowledge in industrial refrigeration required:
•    Have a good knowledge of refrigeration system operation, with different refrigerant as NH3, CO2 and Freon.
•    Have also a good knowledge about different technologies like dry expansion, flood, distribution per pumps, different type of compressors, different type of condensation (cooling tower, dry condensers, evaporative condensers…), glycol water system…
•    Know the main international suppliers for refrigeration system (Bitzer, ABB, Weg, Vahterus, Alfa-Laval, Danfoss, Baltimore, Evapco, Contardo, Thermofin, Guntner, Grundfos, KSB…)
•    Have a good knowledge of hydraulic: What a pump or valve station is composed by, estimation of pressure drop in a circuit and of water flow according to the cooling or heating capacity, which kind of equipment design according to the application…
•    Able to understand and analyse a principle drawing of a machine room or a compressor rack.
•    Able to list the technical requirements of main equipment (compressors, air coolers, cooling towers, pumps…) to ask for quotation to suppliers.
Some essential knowledge in process air treatment required:
•    Have a good knowledge of air treatment in general, different filtration categories, room filtration class, clean room technical requirements, different kind of diffusion…
•    Have also a good knowledge about temperature, humidity rate and over pressure management 
•    Have a good knowledge of different equipment like AHU, fans, air coolers, textile air ducts… and of different material used for air ducts and adapters like stainless steel, galvanized, PVC, PP…
•    Be able to size air ducts according to air flow and estimate pressure drop.
Knowledge of the European culture with experience in foreign companies.
Word, Excel and Powerpoint Mastery.
Autocad could be appreciable.
Versatility (Factory flash audit, technical meeting, presales and final design, costing…)
Motivation (ready to get involved to learn and evolve with the company)
Good relationship (with local and French team and with customers)
Curiosity (to get to know the company culture and solutions)
Reactivity (being able to reply quickly to customer requests with the most appropriated solution)
Thoroughness (for technical descriptions, technology introduction, costing)
Stress management (knowing how to manage priorities and make the right decisions)

Suitable candidates will be contacted within one month upon application.

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