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Business Unit Director



Overall responsibility

Develop a business model for an education center for children and families with special needs coming from middle class families. The model should efficiently address the needs of children and families to help them in their development, while being economically viable and sustainable.



Detailed responsibilities:

  • Design and development of a new business model targeting middle class, local Chinese families, including running this business model:
    • Curricula & services: design educational and development program(s) to meet the needs of children and families
    • Site: location selection, layout and construction
    • Operations: put systems & resources in place to support services
    • People: hiring and managing team
    • Marketing & admissions: create a recruitment campaign targeting children with special needs from middle-class families
  • Planning the further development of other centers in Shanghai
  • Responsible for a healthy P&L
  • Responsible for all functions’ work (finance, HR, etc.) with support from the company
  • Being the center’s face to the parents and the public, especially at the beginning (1 center)
  • Government affairs:
    • Ensuring compliance with Chinese educational, rehab or other regulations as appropriate
    • Creating & implementing partnership opportunities with local schools
    • Promoting center’s activities and positive impact with local government
    • Identifying subsidies opportunities
  • Being the soul of the project, both in front of external partners and parents and internally




  • Passion and a huge desire to positively impact the lives of people
  • Native Mandarin speaker with fluent English OR Fluent Mandarin and English speaker
  • Many years of work experience in a Not-for-Profit organization or NGO, etc., preferably in the educational sector
  • Strong background in successfully running the operations of an organization
  • Significant work experience with children with special needs is a requirement
  • Understanding of the Chinese culture (communication, interactions, etc.) gained through living and working in Mainland China
  • Strong people management skills and leadership
  • Multitasking, drive, eye for quality


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