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Our client is a consulting firm whose aim is to help its clients (mostly Western companies) securing and developing their industrial and commercial partnerships with Chinese Firms. With a long history (over 20 years), the company has a track record of nearly 1,000 projects. Additionally, our client is a member of a network of consulting firms covering 13 additional countries and supporting each other.

On their behalf, we are looking for a


Senior Chinese Project Manager | M&A


who will join their team in China.




The Senior Chinese Project Manager will be in charge of the completion of M&A and B2B distribution projects in a wide range of industries. To complete these projects, the SCPM may be allocated a team of 1 to 3 people, depending on the requirements of each project.





_ Carry out or delegate preliminary feasibility studies

_ Define workload and expense forecast

_ Build a preliminary project schedule

_ Define the best project team and select the needed subcontractors / data providers (when relevant)

_ Report to the sales team (HQ or local)


Strategic diagnosis

_ Understand the specifications and expectations of our clients (purchasing & technical)

_ Analyze the market and define the position of our clients

_ Analyze the current partners of our clients

_ Provide recommendations regarding the strategy and the organization to target in China


Search for partners (distributors, capitalistic partners...)

_ Identify all potential partners in China and sort them out based on the results of the strategic diagnosis

_ Identify the decision makers of the selected potential partners

_ Meet with them and introduce our client in a positive and motivating way

_ Coordinate Financial, Legal and Administrative investigations on the partners

_ Provide recommendations regarding the partners to be selected


Negotiate the partnership

_ In conjunction with HQ, define a strategic roadmap for the project

_ Negotiate the roadmap with the partner

_ Establish a preliminary Business Plan

_ Assist in the valuation of the project/company

_ Draft and negotiate the term sheets for the partnership contract

_ Coordinate with lawyers for the contract finalization and signature


Coordinate the industrialization

_ When needed, find a suitable place for the implantation of a production line

_ Coordinate the whole implantation process

_ Identify and qualify the subcontractors / specialist companies (lawyers...) needed for the implantation process

_ With the help of the sourcing team and/or our client's, coordinate the sourcing of the equipment and/or the raw material and components needed by the production line

_ Establish an implantation schedule and a Business Plan

_ Coordinate the recruitment of the key staff

_ Coordinate the technical transfer (if needed)


Management control

_ Ensure the client's satisfaction

_ Ensure that the working hours of the team stays within the budget.

_ Review and validate the hours and expenses declared by the project teams.


Training & Process definition

_ Participate in the development of standard deliverables & process

_ Train the staff in using them


Team leading

The senior Chinese project manager should also have the ability to lead Chinese technical team and subcontractors to carry out relative tasks of projects.




Technical & Quality

_ Engineering degree

_ Mechanical knowledge required, electrical engineering is a useful, electronics is a plus.

_ Main items of the ISO 9001 standard

_ Knowledge of the industrial world and how a workshop is organized



_ MBA degree is a real plus

_ Accounting basics

_ Financial analysis

_ Business Plan definition

_ Company valuation technics



_ Experience in M&A deals

_ Experience in Post-Merger Management



_ Fluent spoken and written Chinese & English


Project Management

_ Multi-cultural projects


_ Project value calculation techniques (NPV)

_ Organized

_ Autonomous



_ Strategic consulting to high level executives

_ Advanced level of Excel, PowerPoint & Word



_ Sales of technical equipment and/or components

_ Distribution network development



_ Main terms of a distribution contract


At least 10 to 15 years of working experience



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