Senior Biochemist

  • Research and Development
  • China - Suzhou Industrial Park

Our client is a biochemistry company specializing in life science supply chains with research, manufacture, and supply of high-quality products. Their expertise and capability run across Complex Chemicals, Peptides, and Key Biologics supplying the pharmaceutical, life science, and diagnostic sectors, along with customers across food, agrochemistry, and cosmetics. 
They produce chemicals and biochemical products on the milligram-to-ton scale upon the client’s request. Through their high standards, they synthesize, source, and solve problems to remove barriers to customers’ critical projects. 
Their team members are based on three continents with manufacturing laboratories in European countries and China, and distribution centers in the United States. 
Job Location: Suzhou 
Department: R&D 

Job Description
• Act as a leader among the Chemist Team and deliver projects on time and lead the development of the products. Support the implementation and development of a new bio laboratory focus on enzymes, IVD, and peptides, from a research and equipment point of view. 
• Liaise with Chemists on a daily basis to direct the chemistry and suggest solutions for synthetic/purification problems. To execute projects within deadlines. 
• Develop synthetic chemistry plans. Evaluate synthetic routes for specific products and execute the lab work. 
• Keep lab books up to date and store data for each project in respective folders. 
• Prepare external weekly and final reports for specific projects as required by clients and attend weekly teleconferences. Communicate regularly with managers regarding projects and lab equipment. Provide advice and direction on synthetic organic chemistry issues to colleagues. 
• Provide Support and training about the usage of some of the lab equipment and make sure that the lab is working in a safe way. Perform lab tasks in a safe way and ensure that all equipment is turned off before the end of the day. 
• Prepare quotes when required. 
• Support with admin tasks when needed. 
• Attend conferences/symposiums/training courses abroad/UK when requested.
• Maintain good working practices on a daily basis. 

Job Requirements
• A Ph.D./D.Phil and/or postdoctoral research experience in enzyme synthesis At least 10 years of working experience, preferably within foreign-invested companies in China or Asia Region and with management positions 
• English communication
• Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills 
• Excellent attention to detail 
• A good team-working approach 
• Strong analytical skills
• Team leader and an excellent communicator 
• Excellent decision-making and influencing skills
• A passion for innovation and problem-solving
• An excellent record in Synthetic organic chemistry and Enzyme and IVD 
• Experience working on big and complex projects

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