China Managing Director

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  • China - Zhejiang/Suzhou

China Managing Director


In relation to the Company Group's support services, ensure the general management of the subsidiary and its activity from prospection for new customers to delivery of finished products.


  1. Propose for validation to the board members of the subsidiary's multi-year business plan (commercial, industrial, and financial), and ensure reporting.
  2. Guarantee the correct application of Quality, Safety, Environment (QSE), Social Policies, and Internal Regulations.
  3. Support the local sales team in developing and maintaining the business.
  4. Organize the means of the site (human, financial, technical) to guarantee the manufacturing of the products and respond to commercial requests.
  5. Control products & process solutions necessary to the company strategy achievement in terms of prices, profitability, functionality, and branding
  6. Guarantee the industrial and financial performance of the factory with a permanent objective of quality, costs, respect for deadlines, and ensure its profitability.
  7. Maintain and develop good working relationships and federate the Chinese team to achieve the goals.
  8. Represent the Company to local authorities



  1. Compliance with Safety rules following ISO45001 Standard
  2. Compliance with QMS, following customer requirements and IATF16949: 2016 Standard.
  3. Compliance with EMS, which is by ISO14001: 2015 Standard.
  4. Compliance with local social legislation/law
  5. Compliance with local fiscal regulations and taxation
  6. compliance with customs import-export procedures
  7. Motivation and involvement of employees
  8. Product Compliance with Quality standards
  9. Performance Improvement (productivity, QCD),
  10. Business development to ensure the sustainability of the entity
  11. Positioning of the Company in the local market
  12. Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  13. Defense of the Company market share

Expertise / Know-how:


  1. Project management
  2. Management of unforeseen situations, hazards, difficulties
  3. Budgetary and economic management
  4. Hierarchical and transversal management
  5. Communication in meeting
  6. Commercial skills
  7. Change management


Behavior standard:


  1. Sense of responsibility and autonomy
  2. Relational qualities and charisma
  3. Authority and organizational skills
  4. Capacity to Listening
  5. Availability
  6. Responsiveness
  7. Diplomacy
  8. Representation
  9. Strength of conviction
  10. Composure
  11. Leadership


Information and Application

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