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Chief Financial Officer


Our client has experienced 23 years of steady and sustainable development and has now grown into a globally integrated service provider that gathers numerous internationally famous products, covering hotels and beauty salons.


The existing subsidiaries of the group own less than 20 high-end International brands and operate through multiple channels such as retail, new retail, and e-commerce; our client provides top-notch international products and services to hundreds of millions of consumers and enjoys a good reputation in China's beauty and skincare industry.


For this client, Talent Fishers is looking for a  CFO.


Reporting to:     General Manager, Chairman


Job Location:  Shenzhen




Strategic Undertaking:

  • Enterprise strategic planning and financial strategy undertaking.
  • Plan a comprehensive budget management system for the future.
  • Define core financial indicators and ensure the company's sales and profit growth.


Integration of Industry & Finance:

  • Integrate business and financial data, and establish a business and financial integration system.
  • Regularly hold business finance meetings to advise the sales team on achieving the company/department's financial targets.
  • Learn the company's business model and sales process.
  • Provide financial analysis and financial management reports for decision support.


Fund management:

  • Credit management: Manage customer credit limits and conditions.
  • Cash flow management: Balance the company's operating cash flow and prevent financial risks.
  • Investment and financing management: To address funding needs and support the company's business development.


Risk management:

  • Financial risk: Asset liability ratio control.
  • Cash flow risk: To ensure the stability of cash flow and the safety of funds.
  • Internal control risk: Control the approval process to prevent financial fraud risks.


Tax planning:

  • Fully utilize national tax preferential policies, carry out tax planning, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.


Financial Informatization:

  • Promote the construction of financial informatization, and improve economic work's digitization, automation, and intelligence level.


Team management:

  • Planning for team building and cultivating abilities.





  • Report work to the General Manager and Chairman
  • Coordinate work with different departments, such as sales, product development, and marketing teams
  • Manage the finance team
  • Overseas cooperative brands/suppliers
  • Chinese partners: distributors, etc





  • Bachelor's degree or above, major in finance or related fields.
  • He/she has worked in the consumer goods ToB industry and retail industry, with the cosmetics industry being an advantage;
  • More than 10 years of work experience, including at least 2 years of financial management work experience
  • Having excellent financial professional abilities, including accounting standards, integration of industry and finance, tax regulations, capital operations, risk management, and financial informatization
  • Having excellent strategic understanding ability and keen business insight ability
  • Possess excellent team leadership and collaborative abilities
  • Proactive, optimistic and open-minded, rigorous in work
  • Good English skills, able to communicate orally.






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  • Suitable candidates will be contacted within one month of application.

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