At Talent Fishers, our mission is to Change Lives – of people and organizations

Is recruitment simply pushing a resume found in a database through a few clicks and key words? For some it is.

But it should not be.

It is already difficult; let’s say, in the USA, to find the right American talent to handle a job in the USA for an American organization.

Talent Fishers is specialized in recruitment and HR consulting in Asia and most of our clients are foreign groups. We deal with corporate cultures confronting different cultures, markets, specificities… and we love it!

My oldest daughter asked me once:

“Dad, my friends are asking: What does your dad do for a living?

–“I told her, “Me? I am a life changer!

Talent Fishers was built on the simple vision that recruitment is the result of changing lives

The following equation says it all:

Understanding + Empathy + Care + Communication + Networks + Professionalism + Details + Cultural awareness + Communication = Changing Lives!

Databases, job boards, social networks… these are only tools but the essence of our function in the society will never change.

Forget about the disappointing consultants who sent you anonymous resumes without even knowing who you are and what you need; who most probably spent only a few minutes on a quick facts-check over the phone with the candidates. Forget about them. They don’t do a good job and probably don’t like it. How could they?

Yes, I and we, at Talent Fishers, change people’s lives by offering them better career and better responsibilities, and we change companies’ future by finding the right persons for the right roles, enabling the company to better develop.

This comes with a great responsibility. Should we fail – all together, with the hiring group and the candidate – and it is hard to measure the consequences. It can go from stress and inefficiency, to depression, divorce, bankrupt and even worse!

Talent Fishers are constantly reminded of this responsibility, which implies the greatest level of care. We want to change people’s lives for good!

How do we do it? First, we understand the organization, the role, the challenge, and the ecosystem. Every company has a different culture, DNA, different values, a different history. Those, combined, match with a very specific population in a very specific culture with very specific trends. The most talented professional might not be the most adapted for this specific role at this specific time.

We, then, understand the role and its evolution: What should this person do, with whom, for how long and how should it evolve? The best resume doesn’t mean much. Who is the candidate whose ambition is matching this career development opportunity?
We need to understand and analyze as many parameters as we can. And find the best solution for everyone.

We need to know our candidates. Not only know their professional skills and career achievements, but also who they really are and what they really want to do. We need to care.

A recruitment process is not always smooth. Organizations are victims of reputations and rumors. Even when it is not the case, most don’t know how to objectively sell themselves. We need to help them objectively, but positively, to brand themselves from a HR perspective. And we need to be transparent in our communication as no problem should be unaddressed to avoid later problems and disillusions. And then we must find the professional who’ll blossom out in this environment.

We need to advise our clients as well as our candidates. We need to guide their expectations to be reasonable and in line with their specific markets.

We need to focus on details. A recruitment process is a very long series of highly important steps. Dealing with human material, we need to professionally and conscientiously apply the most of our empathy, experience, vigilance and care to ensure it will end with a winning deal and a long term cooperation for all parties.

Creating unique candidates’ and customers’ experience, meeting our clients’ most specific requirements and expectations is what drive us to deliver complex HR projects all across Asia.

Yes, every day, Talent Fishers change people and organizations’ lives in China, in India, in Thailand, in Vietnam, in Japan, in Korea, … and all over Asia!

We do it as craftsmen concentrating on every project, whatever the level of the role, with the ultimate level of professionalism because our clients and candidates deserve it. We do it all over Asia, sharing the same vision, professionalism and love for what we do – Together.

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This is our vision: we are eager to change your life for the better!

Fabien Guérin
for and with the entire Asia Talent Fishers team!