And again… because sharing is caring and that’s what needed right now!

On April 02, 2020, our CEO Fabien Guérin was invited by a professional association gathering recruitment, staffing and search firms CEOs from all around the world to share his experience in managing a group specialised in searches during the first months of the Covid19 crisis.

Based on the chronological fact that China experienced the same crisis as the rest of the world but 6 weeks in advance, Fabien shared with his peers how events occured, what measured were taken to protect our teams, inform our clients and candidates, coordinate with local authorities and ensure complying with updated regulations, organise the remote support from all other Talent Fishers office (Vietnam, Thailand, India, Singapore and HK) teams to ensure the searches keep progressing, … until we could restart working from home and later on moving back to our offices, always with the highest level of compliance with security measures.

The session ended with Questions and Answers. The webinar was an opportunity to support and share practices within an industry amongst the most suffering of the crisis when organisation rather reduce headcounts.
However, Fabien shared a positive vision encouraging competitors to be creative and innovative to identify new ways of supporting corporations and candidates before times get better.

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