Fabien Guérin invited to share experiences with French-based executives on the handling of the sanitary crisis

On March 30, 2020, Fabien Guérin was invited by a professional association of French executives to share experiences and lessons learnt by handling the sanitary crisis of the coronavirus a few months ahead of the outbreak in Europe and France.
Based on his personal and professional experience in managing a group headquartered in Shanghai, Fabien Guérin insisted on the quality of the organisation of the response by Chinese authorities, the resilience of the Chinese nation, the importance of strictly complying with the safety and sanitary requirements and the reality of better days after the difficult times of quarantine.
The session was ended by series of Q&A regarding the legal and administrative context in China, the best practices implemented within Talent Fishers all over Asia and the understanding of the impact on the global economy, industry by industry, being the CEO of an Executive Search group organised by specialised practices and expertise teams.

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