French Business Magazine (Courrier Cadres) – Turbo career in Shanghai express – portrait Fabien Guerin (2006)

courrier-cadres-3dec2006 courrier-cadres-3dec2006-p54 courrier-cadres-3dec2006-p55-1

December 2006 – Portrait of Fabien Guérin as a Managing Director of a HR & recruitment consulting group in China.

Quotes from the article performed by a French journalist in China to meet and interview dynamic business professionals in the mid 2000.

“There is an economic dynamic bearing everyone here. One can easily meet high level decision makers and business opportunities are accessible as long as you are entrepreneur minded.” (Dec. 2006)

“I had to start from scratch: find the office, hire, draft standard service agreements, initiate every first sales contact, adapt the positioning of our organisation. I enjoyed a lot of trust. Here, it is like surfing on a wave of energy. When you fall, you simply stand up and try again.” (Dec. 2006)

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