How to make the right impression during the recruitment process

The interview process starts from the moment you enter the office of your potential future employer.

If you are required to provide your resume or to fill application documents useful for the HR department:
– Provide clean documents
– Use blue or black ink to fill out the application
– Write legibly
– Complete the entire application
– Be precise about dates, contacts, expectations and compensation
– Return the application to the company on a personal and professional manner

Never lie or misrepresent yourself on the application, and don’t eat or drink while you are filling it out. This makes a right impression in the recruiter’s eyes.

If you are called for a face-to-face interview, control your body language as it will demonstrate a part of your personality and character.

– Be punctual, try to be at least 10 minutes early

– Great the person who opens the door for you properly. This person may not interview you, but he or she is part of the team you may work with later on.

– Dress for success: make sure you wear proper business clothes. Avoid extravagant clothes and wear classic business clothes such as black pants, pencil knee length skirt, white shirt and jacket. Avoid sneakers and flip-flop, take them in your bag if you think you will not be able to wear leather shoes the entire day.

If you go for an interview to a more relaxed company where you know for a fact that no-one is expecting you to wear a suit, make sure you remain respectful and check what is written on your T-shirt.
A smart outfit will give you extra confidence during the interview.

– Grooming: Avoid too much perfume or make up

– Confidence: it is important to show self-confidence about your experience and skills (without sounding arrogant and self-sufficient of course). This can be translated via a solid handshake, a smile and eye contact during introduction.

– Posture: even if your recruiter is wearing casual clothes in a relaxed working environment, you must maintain good posture: keep both feet on the floor, stand straight, avoid slouching in your chair, keep your hands on the table and keep eye contact. Do not cross your arms or shove your hands in your pocket. A good posture will help you remain vigilant about what you are saying.

– Enthusiasm: don’t hesitate to nod affirmatively during key points in a discussion in order to show that you pay attention and that you are engaged in the conversation. The interview should be a dialogue between the interviewer and yourself.

– Practice: if you are not confident about your performance, try to practice in front of a mirror or with a friend to get a better understanding of where you can improve your presentation. Practice leads to success!

– Mobile phone: Make sure that your mobile phone is powered off, or at least is not going to ring during the interview. This is common courtesy for the interviewer.

– Be prepared: You may bring a copy of your resume with you in case the recruiter would not have it. You may also bring a notebook and pen to take notes at the end of the interview. The interviewer may share important information about the company or may ask you to send a document later on. You do not want to forget either of these!

– Be truthful and professional:
– Do not lie about your experience or skills, most interviewers will do a reference check before hiring you.
– Do not address the interviewer by his first name (unless you are invited to do so)
– Never speak in a negative way about your previous employers or co-workers
– Do not reveal irrelevant personal information
– Do not reveal confidential information about your previous employer or client

Finally, thank the interviewer for his/her time before leaving the room and send a thank you note later on.

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