How to write your resume

– Make it concise: maximum 5 pages should be enough.
– Do not use tiny or awkward fonts, remain professional
– Make it relResumeevant: focus on your core skills, experience and achievements, and avoid the confusing and irrelevant data and information.
– Use right sections: you should divide your Resume into key areas such as personal details, career objective, career summary, experience and achievements, education, qualifications and awards, technological and language abilities, hobbies.
– Do not write in third person, prefer the « I »
– List your professional experiences in a reverse chronological order (i.e. the most recent experience first).
– List your academic achievements in details.
– Be precise with the dates (months and years) in order to produce an honest and up to date document.
– Introduce the company you have worked for, when it is required (1 or 2 sentences giving basic information about the company and its related industry is enough).
– Mention your title, your direct report and who reports to you, so that the recruiter can understand what is your level and seniority.
– Include your reasons for leaving each role to give some context to career moves and to demonstrate motivations for particular changes, but remember not to be negative.
– About references, it is not required to mention them in your Resume as they are not always relevant. If the recruiter wants to do a reference check, then he will ask you to provide specific referees’ contact details.
– You can put your picture on it, as long as it is professional

Last but not least, make sure your e-mail address looks professional! Don’t use any e-mail address like mickey-mouse@… or robin_hood@…

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