Tips & Feedbacks from Founders in Asia (China) – 08 February 2017 – Fabien Guérin as guest speaker in Paris event

On February 2017, Fabien Guérin (Asia Managing Director, Talent Fishers) was invited as guest speaker as part of a French Founders event in Paris.

The event, entitled “Tips & Feedbacks from Founders in Asia” was gathering Private Equity Partners as well as CEOs of successful French organisations in a very private set-up meant to favour the direct interaction with the 3 guest speakers.

Fabien Guérin started his intervention by presenting his background and how he accidentally landed in Asia (South Korea) about 20 years ago before moving to Hong Kong and then Mainland China in 2003.

Fabien then gave precious tips on how to successfully set-up businesses in Asia, based on his entrepreneurial experiences, the best practices gathered as part of 15 years of consulting in the region as well as typical examples of what should not be done to avoid specific risks of the Asian, and specifically Chinese business ecosystems.

Fabien ended up his speech, prior to answering specific questions, by highlighting how much hiring the right team and management in Asia is difficult while key to ensure a smooth development.

Following this event, a few attendees already solicited Talent Fishers to support them with strategic executive searches in mainland China.



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