What to ask during your interview

Your questions must be well prepared, well structured and probing enough to actively demonstrate that you are inquisitive and curious about the role but also to help you decide whether or not this position is right for you.

If you have studied the company website, you should not what information is easily available to the public and which questions will be pertinent for the hiring manager.

What exactly are the day to day responsibilities?
Although you have read a job description, it may be too vague or not truly representative of the role, depending on the recruitment context. It is perfectly fine to seek clarification in this area as it is the fundamental reason that you are joining the business.

What are the main objectives for the job holder over the next year?
This is a great way to understand what the major challenges are in the role and by framing it positively, by using the word ‘objective’, you are showing that you are not afraid of a challenge and that you understand the importance of setting and achieving goals, which is an important quality.

How did this position come into existence?

Are there any opportunities for training and development?

Are there any weaknesses in my application that may prevent you from making me a job offer?
You are trying to close the deal, by finding out what niggling doubts or concerns that the employer may have so you can address them either immediately or in a follow up call/email. This question will help you to move one step closer to the job.

What is the next step in the process?

The above examples are questions you could use when interviewing with the potential future employer or anyone who has detailed knowledge of the role. While studying the company information prior to your interview, list all the questions which come to mind; it will how you have prepared for the meeting but also demonstrate you are clearly interested in the role and proactive in teh recruitment process.

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