WWB Podcast: Talent Fishers – How to Hire the Right Talents in China and Asia

Talent Fishers was gladly invited by Wealth Without Borders’ podcast host, Howard Whiteson.
The mission of Wealth Without Borders Podcast is to provide a wealth of advice to Expats, whether financial, educational, or business-related.

You’ll find below the presentation of the episode prepared to enlight the audience about hiring the right talents in China and Asia:

“In addition to looking at job descriptions and resumes, how do you find not just the best but the right talent for your organization? 

Optimizing your chances to hire for the long-term requires the essential steps of preparing, planning, writing a script, and enjoying the interview. 

Fabien Guerin is the Founder & CEO of Talent Fishers with Executive Search in China and with six offices in China. 

In this episode, Fabien talks about how it is important to know who you are as a company, define your HR brand and value proposition so you hire the right talent that will benefit the company long-term. 

What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Learn how to hire talent that brings value beyond looking at the competitors and the job description 
  • Find out why you need to objectively sell your organization to the right talent 
  • Discover how to have valuable time in the interview to find and search for the right talent 

“Knowing who you are is extremely important. If you don’t objectively sell your organization, then the person is going to join for the wrong reasons.”  

– Fabien Guerin 

Topics Covered: 

01:34 – Who are his ideal clients 

02:28 – Questions that need to be asked to uncover the problem that needs to be solved 

03:25 – How lack of vision and unity in the organization presents symptoms of the company’s problem 

04:24 – Why knowing who you are is extremely important 

05:00 – One valuable free action that helps solve client’s problem: prepare, plan, write a script and enjoy the interview 

06:00 – The need to define your HR brand and your value proposition 

06:47 – What’s the reason for creating Talent Fishers? 

07:46 – Why is it so important to invest enough time, resources, energy and money to select a non-transactional search partner with a consultative approach? 

Key Takeaways: 

“A lot of people think that our job is actually to type a few keywords in the database, extract a couple of resumes, give a call and then pray that everything is going to go well. It’s much more than that, there’s actually much more value to add to the process. If you don’t fish for talent properly, it doesn’t work.” – Fabien Guerin 

“The key issue is actually to rely on a team for what we’re looking for and what’s relevant as well as to focus on what they will get from the talent.”  – Fabien Guerin 

“You need to prepare; you need to plan scripts. You need to be organized if you want to have a valuable experience during an interview, you need to have as much time to prepare as the time you spend with candidates.” – Fabien Guerin 

“The key is to define what’s your HR brand? What’s your proposition? And then you’re ready to go.” – Fabien Guerin 

“You have to be ready, don’t take chances, prepare, know who you are, sell, search for the right talents, and then you’re going to find the right people for long-term.” – Fabien Guerin 

“You need to optimize your chances. It is not hiring for tomorrow, it’s hiring for the long-term and to benefit the whole organization.”  – Fabien Guerin 

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